We really have the world at our fingertips and the story of Sanitary Aid for Nigerian Girls (SANG) proves this.

In January 2017, Karo Omu decided to give her resources to provide free sanitary pads for girls and women from low income families.

This initiative was born after a few exchanges with friends on twitter about the cost of sanitary pads and how some women couldn’t afford them or didn’t have access to the products. Few weeks later, SANG had received about 800,000 Naira in donations and began prepping for their first outreach.

At Greetings World, our mission is to give people a platform where they can use gifts to send messages of hope, affection, and inspiration.

The collaboration is perfect, as Sanitary Aid is doing the same as they try to reach Nigerian girls all over the country. In 9 months, the team of 5 led by Karo Omu have distributed 5200 sanitary pads to Nigerian school girls in Lagos and Ibadan and IDP camps in Borno, Plateau and Abuja.

Together, we have come up with an avenue for more people to be involved in this great cause. Simply buy one of the beautiful personalized mugs on this page and help us reach our goal of raising an extra 1 million Naira to provide better sanitary health for Nigerian girls.

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